Water Walls & Waterfalls

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water wall with black limestone       Stainless steel water blade

This range of stainless steel water blades create an endless possibility of water wall designs. Ideal for limited spaces and can be used indoors as well as out doors.
These water blades have internal baffles to create a perfect sheet of water.

Below are some projects where Rockworld have installed water blades as well as video.
3 blade waterfall by rockworld water blade in wall
400mm wide water blades installed at different heights on dry stone limestone walling
 flowing into a raised pool area.

4500mm waterwall by rockworld
Water blades can be placed beside each other to create any length , the above is over 4 meters long.

Tip. First choose the width you prefer, then choose the height above water you would like to place the blade, this way we can help you choose the perfect pump to suit.
hidden water wall
The above picture shows a stainless steel water blade hidden in a sandstone clad wall. We have up lit the waterfall using submersible underwater lights
3 water blades

uplit waterfalls


TIP.  Why not visit our showrooms to see a water blade in action.

These water blades are made from ,stainless steel and has a brushed finish.  Available from 300mm to 900mm wide, the water blade have one or three water inlets depending on blade width.

The blade has to be installed level to create an even flow of water across the width of the blade.  The flow of water reduces as the height of the water blade is increased – ensure the pump used has the right capacity for the desired height of waterfall.

All water blades sizes are available in dual entry, the pipe work has to connect to the water blade from the pump situated in the reservoir.  The reservoir should be on a firm base with sufficient support around the sides and edges.

Up lighting gives a stunning effect as the water comes over the blade.

We recommend using stainless steel fixings and hose clips when installing these water features in your garden.

water blade with silent splash
900mm XL waterblade by Oase with warm white led strip in blade. Also shown anti splash Silent Splash 90

The Oase Silent Splash 90 reduces splash water and noise from water walls.

Water blade installation examples.
Sample 1. Raised pool for sitting around. Water blade recessed in clad wall.

 easy water wall build idea
Sample 2. Raised pool, reservoir is brought under wall for ease of pipe work

my water wall build

waterwall installation methods

Example 3. Here we show a purpose built reservoir. Reservoir is built from concrete blocks on flat, and made waterproof using wizard fibre to prevent cracks (cracks could result in leaks) and G4 sealant.
how to build a water wallwaterwalls made easy
simple water wall construction techniques

relax by your stylish water wall300mm wide water blade