Water Starlet fountain display

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Time to chill. Spectacular Floating Fountain with 5 pivot-able nozzles & warm white Led lights
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WATER STARLET--spectacular 

Our Personal Opinion

Everyone loves these, remarkable effect and such fun at a great price. As this floats it makes maintenance and installation simple. Its great that the jets of water are directional. Truly a game changer. water starlet fountain display unit

Floating on the water surface, or placed on the ground, this compact fountain is quickly installed. The five nozzles each have a LED illuminated rings can be aligned individually and present different water patterns. The pumps and light elements run on energy-efficient 12 V technology. This floating fountain display automatically runs through a pre-programmed loop of different water displays.

• Compact, floating fountain with 5 fountain nozzles

• Each nozzle can be individually directed as you choose

• "Plug and Spray" principle enables easy installation

• Can be used as a floating unit in pool or pond or it can be setup on the ground in pondless reservoir

• Adjustable pivotal LED rings provide constant illumination of the water jets

• Different water patterns are shown as a permanent program loop, jets go through a cycle of all five jets on down to two jets on.

• Safe, energy-efficient low voltage 12 Volt technology

• Can even be used indoor or outdoor, ideal focal point for business promotion

• Low maintenance 

• Includes: Fountain (5 pumps, 5 illuminated ring lights, each with 6 LEDs), transformer and cable


LED illuminated nozzlesled illuminated nozzles

The five nozzles can be aligned and directed individually and ensure a wide variety of water patterns. Each nozzle could be directed vertically to create a jet of water straight up or angled to create an arc of water.

Robust floor platewater starlet floor plate

The perforated floor plate provides optimal protection against fouling and blockages.


oase water starlet technical data 

Here is how easy it to install this fountain water feature in a new pond.
water jet starlet system install in pond

Brand Oase
Product Code 50214
Weight 2kg