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Are you dreaming of a water feature but only have a balcony or a small terrace?

Here we show you how you can create a small water paradise even where space is at a premium.

Purchase half a wine barrel or similar container from your stockist, and the OASE Filtral 3000 UVC water feature filter kit (which has an integrated filter and 9 watt UVC) and also purchase a nozzle kit to go with it.

The nozzle kit includes three conveniently changeable nozzle attachments that generate highly attractive water effects (Vulkan, Lava, and Magma). The filter unit ensures that the water is always clear.

Summary: Minimum work effort for a convincing result, which by the way is virtually maintenance-free!

The following materials are required:

wine barrel water feature
This is how easy it is
Step 1. Set up the wine barrel at a suitable point and bear in mind that after it is filled with water it can only be moved with extreme difficulty. Place the »Filtral« on the floor of the wine barrel.
Step 2. Fill with some washed pebbles on the sides. Use smaller plant baskets for planting as they prevent strong rooting plants from spreading.
step 2
Step 3. It is best to place large plants in the plant basket on the long side of the Filtral in the rear area.
step 3
Step 4. Fill the wine barrel with water and your done
step 4