Water Course & Filtration Pumps

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This range of pumps is designed specifically for water falls, streams and filtration systems.
Filter and watercourse pumps are the heart of every pond filter system; they ensure that the pond water is pumped into the filter for the necessary cleaning and since they are real all-rounders they even feed a watercourse as well. Consequently selection of the right combination of pump and filter is crucial for optimal water quality and for a clear pond with a bubbling watercourse. The size and depth of the pond, as well as the height and length of the watercourse are the most important criteria for selecting the filter and watercourse pump that is suitable for your pond
These pumps are designed to allow large particles to pass through the pump outer strainer cage and the strong pump impeller pushes these particles out without blocking. This dirty water can then be pushed to a pond filter where foams catch the debris thus keeping the pond water clean.water course pumps for streams and water falls

Waterfall or Stream Pump SELECTION GUIDE:
If you are choosing a pump for a waterfall or stream we have a selection table here which makes choosing very simple but of course you can always give us a call if you need any assistance.