Variflow 10000 Pump

Product code: vf1000
4400 litres per hour to 9200 litres per hour.
A pump where you control the flow. From 4400lph to 9200lph.


This pump threatens a revolution in the pond pumps market. Using the weatherproof electronic controller it allows you to change the flow rate up or down.
This has a number of benefits:
Pump can be run 'low' at winter - ticking over at just 15 watts.
Adds an extra degree of excitement to watercourses and waterfalls by altering water flow rates.
Flow can be increased in the summer - bringing additional oxygen to your fish when they most need it.


  • The first 'value-priced' variable flow filter pump.

  • Pump comes complete with a digital control panel with LCD display.

  • Handles solids up to 6mm.

  • Power usage 15 watts to 85 watts.

  • Maximum Flow 9,200 Litres Per Hour.

  • Minimum Flow 4,400 Litres Per Hour.

  • 10 meters of power cable (33' feet)

  • Can run 'dry' or submersed in water.

  • Suits hose size of variable diameter's  from 25-32-38-50mm (1" inch, 1 1/4" inch, 1 1/2" inch , 2" inch )
  • Max Head (no flow point) 5 meters
  • Power supply AC 220-240 volts, 50/60 hz
  • 2 meters of power cord to LCD controller and then 8 meters of cable to pump.
  • The LCD controller screen shows the wattage the pump is using and allows adjustment
    • power pump on or off
    • slow the water flow rate, reducing power used
    • increase water flow rate, increasing power used
  • 1 year guarantee
variable flow control
Product Code vf1000
Brand PondXpert