UV clarifiers

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UVC clarifiers for a clear view into your pond.
Chemical Free Algae Control
Improve Total Ecosystem Health
Improve Water Quality & Clarity

To ensure undisturbed water feature enjoyment we all need clear and healthy water. Every garden owner is pleased with clear and healthy water in their pond. But what happens when suspended algae or other particles turn the water green and lessen the enjoyment of the garden pond? This can be changed: Simply add the UVC clarifier in the water circuit of the pond – ideally in combination with your filter. The special UV light rays cause suspended algae, bacteria, and germs in the water to be killed off . If the water is then routed through a filter, these residues remain in the filter sponges and the pond water becomes clear.

This latest revolution in the area of UVC clarifiers is the new Oase Bitron Eco: In its innovative, organically shaped exterior, the water has a long sitting time and receives high intensive UV irradiation. This combination makes the high capacity of the Bitron Eco extremely effective. In addition, the Bitron Eco has an on demand automatic control system. In this case the UVC is also activated when it is required, up to 50 % of the energy costs can be saved.


vitronic ultra violet clarifier
The OASE Vitronic is the ideal start to the world of UVC clarifiers with 11, 18, 24, 46 and 55 watt models available in the range. These can be used with your existing filter and they can now be easily connected to the Oase BioSmart and BioTec flow through filters.
With this UVC clarifier the integrated automatic cleaning rotor continuously cleans the quartz tube and thus ensures optimal UVC radiation. The bypass technology enables high flow rates and sufficient contact time.
The Bitron C is the ideal supplement for the OASE flow-through filters with 24, 36, 55, 72 and 110 watt models available.

Particularly suited for demanding gravity fed applications, it shows its worth with not only outstanding 55 watt power, but also with 100 % VDE certified safety. Virtually free of flow losses, the UVC device equipped with its stainless steel housing is a genuine alternative to the immersion lamps.

The revolution among the UVC clarifiers with highest level of efficiency thanks to an even longer water dwell time. The irradiation times are regulated automatically and thus energy costs are reduced by as much as 50 %!. The clever cleaning automation ensures permanent, intensive UV irradiation with 120, 180 and 240 watt models available.

TIP: Performance of a UVC clarifier depends on the type of the pond and the amount of water in the pond. Naturally we can help you decide which is best for your pond but we also list what volume of water each uv is capable of. The vast majority of our filter systems also come complete with UV clarifiers.