String Algae Control

Product code: 50543
Gets rid of unsightly Blanket weed
Oase String Algae Control

Oase String Algae Control is a highly effective method of controlling string algae or blanket weed in your pond. It effectively controls string algae, blue-green algae and slime algae growth in the majority of garden ponds and water features.
Algae remains are reliably decomposed by the micro organisms contained in the product and at the same time the oxygen concentration in the water is increased.
It breaks down algae via a 100% natural formula restoring the pond to its former glory. It also contains an oxygen stabiliser to boost essential oxygen levels in the water.
A convenient measurement cup is included with this product to ensure correct dose is applied.

1 Bottle (500 ml) treats 10,000 Litres (2200 gallons) of water.
A second treatment should be added after 4-6 weeks later if required.
Product Code 50543
Brand Oase