Stream & Waterfall Starter Spillway 50cm wide

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Get it right first time, our Spillway box will ensure the start of your stream or waterfall is perfect, its 50cm (20 inches) wide
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Oase Spillway Box 15000

ideal starting point for streams and waterfalls with large flow - even without a pond! 

• ideal for creating a natural flow of water for streams and waterfalls. Even suitable for larger water flow rates 
• easy installation: the pond liner is attached to the back where it is supplied with water from pump
• robust, all-in-one design - loadable with heavier stones 
• blends seamlessly into the installation, and the reinforced rim effectively holds back stones, gravel and mulch

 spillway in action

Spillway boxes diffuse incoming water flow to create the starting point of streams and waterfalls
Our spillway boxes are designed to make plumbing the top of the waterfall as easy as possible. Innovative rear liner attachment simplifies installation and eliminates leakage due to settling. Crush-proof design with internal baffles stabilised by support cones carries the weight of the largest large rock and stones. Reinforced spillway lip retains rock, gravel, mulch or soil and can be planted to blend seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.
Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 521 x 474 x 260 mm
Litre's per hour maximum 15,600 Litres
Pump recommendation (maximum size)

AquaMax Eco Premium 6000 to 
AquaMax Eco Premium 16000 
Aquarius Eco Expert
(larger pump = more flow and sound)
Connection internal thread mm 50 mm
Connection internal thread " 2 " 
warranty 2 years
Includes installation kit, male thread adaptor (female to male  2" diameter) and one-piece liner flange

spillway features
1. Moulded cones give incredible support and allow the water flow to be dispersed over the edge.
2. Internal baffles slow down the water flow and allow an even flow of water over the spillway edge.
3. Raised front radius retains loose gravel and stone used to camouflage the unit.
4. The Stream & Waterfall STARTER  spillway is completely sealed except for the spillway opening. This design prevents any leakage due to over pumping.
5.Moulded gussets support the spillway outlet for greater strength.
6. Comes installed with 2" inlet and 2" male/male threaded adaptor.
7. One piece moulded liner flange ensures water tight liner attachment.

When we say you don’t have to worry about crushing, cracking or breaking your Stream & Waterfall Starter spillway. Set your large boulders right on top to camouflage these spillways without a second thought – They are tested with a  15,000 kilo (33,000 pounds) Caterpillar 928F Wheel Loader. Now, that’s strong!
strong spillway test

Brand Oase
Product Code 72946
Weight 3kg