Round reservoir with galvanised steel grid

Product code: hvrr789
350 litre, 1140 mm diameter reservoir.
1140mm diameter reservoir, 350mm deep for pondless water features such as spheres, natural rocks etc.
For a truly professional approach to placing your water feature we recommend this reservoir. They are simple to install and no open water is shown when they are in place. covering the lid with pebbles acts as a barrier preventing debris from getting in. These reservoirs are specifically designed to support water features. They can be placed above or below ground and installation is simple.

Tip. Choose a water reservoir such that all the water remains inside it and does not splash.
Spheres tend to have least splash so they can often take the smallest reservoir. Natural rock water features require a reservoir diameter typically equal to height of water.
On some occasions a strip of pond liner can be placed around reservoir to skirt the water back into the reservoir. In this case the liner should slope towards the top of reservoir , then any excess water that lands on the liner, will flow back into reservoir.
  • 1140mm diameter reservoir,
  • 350mm deep
  • 350 litre capacity
Brand Rockworld
Product Code hvrr789
Weight 25kg