Rectangular reservoir 850mm long including LID

Product code: rr850l
87 Litre , 850 mm long x 460 mm wide x 310 mm deep
This rectangular reservoir is ideal for low level waterfalls. The High density polyethylene construction ensures the tank is water tight, quick to install and easy to maintain.
This rectangular reservoir can be place above or below ground. When placing above ground a support structure will be required, such as a timber surround or  block or stone wall.

Reservoir Technical Details
External Dimensions 850mm long by 460mm wide by 310mm deep
Internal Dimensions 800mm long by 400mm wide by 300mm deep

Strong robust HPDE pool
Modern Rectangular design
includes lid
Lid Technical Details

Lid manufactured from standard HDPE, the lids for our Rectangular reservoir's are ideal for use with our Water Blades where water blade is on occasionally. The lid fits directly inside reservoir on support shelf.  The lid has not only a void to allow water to easily flow in but also a void for pipe outlet. 
Tip: If you don't want any pipe work or cables showing, we have a fitting that allows cables or pipe through side of tank, thus out of site. The fitting is called a Tradux

Lid Dimensions 780mm long x 390mm wide

Brand Stowasis
Code rr850l