Rainbow Sandstone Wing Water Feature KIT

Stylish rainbow sandstone, Full kit with pump and reservoir KIT

This Wing rainbow sandstone water feature is a modern monolith with a tear drop shape from above.

Each unique rainbow sandstone water feature has individual patterns. The colours of the stone have hues of lavender, plum, orange, pearl and brown.

The eye of the tear drop creates a bubble pool effect with the water coating the whole surface of the monolith.
This features creates a subtle relaxing sound as the water gently flows over the natural stone surface.

This complete kit includes everything you need to set up. rainbow sandstone wing water feature running

Wing Water Feature 75cm ( 2 feet 6 inches) Tall


  • A 75cm (29.5 inches) high solid natural rainbow sandstone sculpture (100% solid stone)

  • Reservoir (670mm diameter,330mm deep) including steel support grid, access hatch and mesh guard

  • 2000 liter per hour Pump with 10 meter cable

  • 1" diameter Hose


    Please Note: Natural stone is a product of nature and as such no two are the same. There will be variations in colour, pattern, texture and veining. These differences are part of the beauty of stone.

Brand Rockworld