Product code: 40242
Keeps your pump in optimum condition and prolongs its lifespan.
Oase AquActiv PumpClean
Clean pond technology effortlessly

• Effective cleaner for pond equipment, such as pumps, sieves, quartz glass elements, etc.
• Reliably removes lime scale and other deposits
• Free of chlorine and vinegar
• Concentrate produces 10 litres of descaler solution
• Extends the service life of pond pumps

PumpClean is transparent, odourless and 100 % biologically degradable

Pond Pumps have moving components such as Impellers or Rotors. It is vitally important that these components are kept clean and Lime scale free to keep them in full working condition and prevent damage. A clogged Pump can slow down performance, cause seizure and shorten lifespan of the product. Similarly, Quartz sleeves in Ultra violet clarifiers must be kept clean to allow full penetration of UVC radiation. Pond equipment should be cleaned between once a year and four times per year depending on conditions but more may be required in extreme situations.

PumpClean is a specially designed cleaner to remove Lime scale deposits and contamination to keep pond equipment in full working order. One 500ml bottle is sufficient to produce 10 Litres of cleaner and is fully degradable for easy disposal after usage.
Product Code 40242
Brand Oase