Pontec Pondovario 1000 Fountain Pump

Product code: 56735
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1,000 Litre per hour flow, Fountain up to 800mm high
The Pontec PondoVario 1000 Fountain Pump  is a compact fountain spray pump with adjustable height nozzle and 4 different nozzles to create different fountain effects.
The various fountain displays can be easily adjusted thanks to its variable flow rate valve
This pump comes complete with different nozzles to create water flows as below.
pontec fountain pump spray paterns
Suitable for use in garden ponds and ornamental fountains
4 nozzles and ball joint
flow control valve
Stepped hose adapter ½“, ¾“, 1“ included
thermal cut-off switch

Power 220-240v AC/ 50hz,11 watt
Dimensions 180mm wide, 160mm long, 125mm high
Telescopic Nozzle adjustable from 28cm minimum to 90cm maximum
Cable length 10 meters (33 feet)
Maximum Flow Rate 1000 litres per hour
Fountain Height with Vulkan Nozzle 80cm maximum
Fountain Height with Jets Nozzle 40cm maximum
Fountain Height with Bell Nozzle 20cm maximum
Fountain Height with Calynx Nozzle 20cm maximum
Hose tail for connecting to water feature YES (can be used with 1/2", 3/4" or 1" hose)
Cage openings 1mm
Thermal auto cut off YES
Max head 1.3metres
Guarantee 3 years
German Technology & Service
CE &VDE approved, IP68 rated

Brand Pontec
Code 56735