Pontec PondoSolar Lily Island Pump

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150 litre per hour Floating solar powered fountain pump
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Floating solar fountain with integrated solar panel.

Product highlights at a glance:
  • With 150 litre per hour, 6 Volt pump
  • Solar panel 1.4 watt power
  • Includes 4 different nozzle heads for different fountain effects
  • At full sunlight you get an ornamental fountain without the need for a power connection

Floating solar powered fountain ideal for small pond thanks to Pontec's PondoSolar Lily Island.
This is an eye-catching Lilly shaped floating fountain produces a fountain spray up to 30cm (1 foot).

In addition to the 6 V fountain pump with 150 litre/ per hour, an integrated solar panel with 1.4 watt, is also included.

Your guarantee: 2 years!

Brand Pontec
Product Code 40280