Pontec Pondorell 3000 in Pond Filtration Set

Product code: 50944
For pond up to 3,000 litres without fish or 1500 litres with fish. Includes 7 watt UV and 1000 lph Pump

All in one pond filter system. The entire filter box contains everything required to keep your water clean and healthy in one box . Pump , filter and UV are all in the single submersible filter set.
basic pond filter with uv

Extremely easy to install in pond filter system. the entire unit goes directly in your pond or water feature to maintain clean healthy water. This "in pond" filter comes complete with pump, ultra violet clarifier and mechanical filter all in one unit.
This unit may also be used to power a small water feature , stream or waterfall by connecting a flexible hose to the outlet.

Dimensions : 250 x 185 x 160mm (length x width x height)
Power consumption : 20 watts (230v /50hz)
UV : 7 watt
Cable length : 10 metres
Max flow rate: 1000 litres per hour
Max head height: 1.3m
Brand Pontec
Code 50944
Volume NO FISH 3,000 litres
Volume WITH fish 1,500 litres
Volume WITH KOI fish ,750 litres