Pontec Pondomax Eco 1500 Pump

Product code: 50852
1500 Litre per Hour Filter & Watercourse pump
with flow rate of 1500 litres per hour and maximum head height of 1.9 meters
  • Displacement of coarse debris up to 4 mm in size.
  • Delivery capacity from 1500 l/h at just 25 watt power consumption!
  • Pump head of 1.9 m for watercourse supply
  • Integrated thermal protection against overheating
  • Including connection possibility for ¾' (19 mm), 1' (25 mm), 1¼' (32 mm); and 1½' (38 mm) hoses    
  • 10 meters (33 feet)  power cable
  • thermal cut-off switch integrated
  • Including Pontec quality promise: 3 year guarantee

170 x 190 x 110 mm (length x width x height)

3 year guarantee
Free Delivery
pontec pump attributes

pondomax 1500 performance graph
Pump performance curve, also referred to as performance data.

It shows the relationship between the flow-rate and the delivery head (H) of a pump.
For example at height of 1m above water 700 litres per hour are displaced (determined theoretically).
Small hose diameter, the hose length and built in curvature can change the value in the extreme

Table below shows the differences between Pontec Pondomax Eco pump models.
Model Name flow rate
(litres per hour)
max head
Model No
PondoMax Eco 5000 5,000 2.6 60 50856 PU 2
PondoMax Eco 8000 8,000 2.8 70 50858 PU 2
PondoMax Eco 11000 10,000 3.0 95 51179 PU 2
PondoMax Eco 14000 13,400 3.2 140 51183 PU2
PondoMax Eco 17000 17,000 3.5 180 56651 PU 2

Note: Maximum head is the height above the top of pond water when water stops flowing out of the pump, so you will always want a pump which has a higher maximum head height than you need to bring the water. Just give us a call or email  and we can help you work out which pump is best for you.
Weight 5kg
Product Code 50852
Brand Pontec