PondXpert Triple Action Evolve in Pond Filtration Set

Product code: PXTP04500E
For pond up to 9,000 litres without fish

PondXpert Triple Action Evolve 

  • Guarantees clear water in ponds up to 9000 litres(2000 gallons) and fish ponds up to 4500 Litres (1000 gallons).
  • Integrated 11 watt UVC for clear water
  • Can run a fountain and/or waterfall (12-25mm T-piece included)
  • Fountain head included provides a choice of thrilling displays, vulkan or globe sprays
  • Easy tool-free access
  • Large filter bay area with 3 removable filter media chambers.
  • Includes 2 x Zeolite chambers and 1 x neutral weight floating bio media
  • Max flow 2000 litres per hour
  • 10m power cable
  • Dimensions: 380 x 268 x 136mm (LWD excl. fountainhead)
Brand PondXpert
Code PXTP04500E
Volume NO FISH 9,000 litres
Volume WITH fish 4,500 litres
Volume WITH KOI fish 2,250 litres