Product code: 50553
Creates clear pond water
Oase AquaActiv PondClear provides crystal clear pond water.
PondClear clears the water safely and quickly of floating particles that cause cloudiness, and thus increases the viewing depth.
PondClear binds mineral particles, induced through clay particles, and organic suspended matter, that is caused by fish waste or dead vegetation (leaves or plant remains).
Oase PondClear floculates (clumps together) the specified suspended, cloudiness-causing particles. These particles can than be easily removed with the use of a pond vacuum such as the Oase Pondovac pond vacuum or your filter pump.
Oase PondClear work very quickly and also improves the water quality of the pond through the removal of suspended waste. PondClear also acts quickly and safely against green water (suspended algae).

Dosage: 50ml of PondClear per 1,000 Litres of pond water

Container size 500 ml which is suitable for ponds up to 10,000 litres of water
Weight 0.5kg
Product Code 50553
Brand Oase