Pond Liner

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Our hard-wearing durable pond liner, is made from EPDM rubber, so its even stronger than butyl rubber and  more puncture resistant. If you plan to build a pond , you want to be able to enjoy it, his is the best option to give you worry free years of enjoyment. .Our EPDM Rubber pond liner is 1mm thick and has a smooth surface finish. It can stretch 3 to 4 times its own size and even has a 20 Year Guarantee
We cut your liner to suit from various width rolls.

pond liner installation
We cut your pond liner from various width rolls and show a small selection below,but if you require a different size please give us a call on Phone 045 870 970 or email us. We are sure to be able to help you decide on the best solution. 

1.02 mm thick, black EPDM rubber(we don't sell thinner 0.75mm or 0.5mm thick)

Standard liner roll widths , Rolls length 30.48 m
we cut from standard roll widths to suit your requirements

3.05 meter (10 feet)
4.27 meter (14 feet)
6.1 meter (20 feet)
7.32 meter (24 feet)
8.02 meter (26 feet)
12.2 meter (40 feet)
15.25 meter (50 feet)
Larger sizes available on request