Pond Liner 1.02mm thick EPDM Rubber

Product code: 10210
1.02mm Thick EPDM Rubber Pond Liner, Highest Quality


Today, we are all looking at our gardens and seeing an opportunity to expand our home living space. Professional landscape architects agree that a renovated outdoor living space enhances leisure time and adds value to a home – and ponds and water features are among the most requested landscape designs.

Each year, thousands of decorative water features are installed using EPDM RUBBER liners. These water features help increase the appeal and value of private homes around the world. Combining flexibility and ease of installation with lasting durability, EPDM RUBBER liners are the perfect choice for creating unique water feature designs. In fact, when it comes to creating a garden oasis, with our rubber liners the only limit is your imagination.

Balancing functionality and beauty, EPDM Rubber Liners are perfect for:

    Decorative Ponds,   Fountains,     Cascades,     Koi Ponds,     Natural Looking Ponds
    Pondless Water Features.     Reflection Ponds,     Streams,     Water Gardens,     Waterfalls

1mm thick EPDM Rubber Pond Liner

UV RESISTANT--BIOLOGICALLY SAFE -- FISH COMPATIBLE -- ROOT RESISTANT in accordance with DIN 4062 -- TEAR RESISTANT in accordance with DIN 53455 -- OZONE RESISTANT -- COLD RESISTANT in accordance with DIN 53361 --20 years guarantee

1.02 mm thick (black)= (40 mil thick in imperial measurements)

Standard liner roll widths (we cut to suit your requirements)
3.05 meter (10 feet)
4.27 meter (14 feet)
6.1 meter (20 feet)
8.02 meter (26 feet)
12.2 meter (40 feet)
15.25 meter
(50 feet)
Larger sizes available on request

Special ONLY € 12.00 per square metre
(including VAT)


 Protective Pond Fleece NOW ONLY €2.99 per square meter

 Note we cut the liner to suit
you don’t have to buy a full roll

We cut your pond liner from various width rolls and show a small selection above ,but if you require a different size please give us a call on Phone 045 870 970 or email us. We are sure to be able to help you decide on the best solution.
pond liner sizing
For accuracy we recommend all measurements are made using metric system. EPDM rubber is tougher and more flexible than butyl rubber and will give excellent results.  It has a lifetime guarantee and is completely wildlife and fish friendly. EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber is the more modern material and more flexible and easier to install than butyl rubber.

Easy to Install
EPDM rubber is available in a variety of width rolls which we cut to suit your pond or water feature thereby reducing the amount of field seaming needed. We recommend no joins if possible. However, we also stock joining tape and adhesives if required.
Extremely Flexible
EPDM rubber liner can stretch over 300 percent, offering exceptional performance and lay flat characteristics that are ideal for irregular shapes and contours.
Excellent Weathering Resistance
Even when exposed to UV, ozone, extreme temperatures and other harmful environmental conditions, EPDM rubber liner specially compounded material prevents cracking. The result is outstanding age stability with little or no maintenance.
Fish And Plant Friendly
EPDM rubber liner is specifically formulated to be safe for fish and plant life.
Designed with exceptional tensile strength and excellent chemical and environmental stress-cracking resistance, protects against punctures and remains unaffected by UV, ozone and soil bacteria.

Jet black colour making it extremely dark colour even underwater

Balancing functionality and beauty, our EPDM Rubber Liners are perfect for:

Decorative Ponds
Fountains Hardscapes
Koi Ponds (fish friendly)
Natural Looking Ponds
Pondless Water Features (covered ponds, no open water visible)
Reflection Ponds (see your planting and sky reflect in the mirror surface)
Infinity Ponds (water comes right up to top edge of pond)
Water Gardens

Please note as all liner is cut to suit your measurements, no refund on cut to measure liner can be offered. We delivery pond liner throughout Ireland by courier or you call ahead and collect.

In addition to the legal guarantee, we guarantee the following characteristics of the OASE Eurofol
garden pond liner for a period of 20 years, starting with the date of purchase:
• UV-resistance • Tensile strength in accordance
• Resistance to rotting with DIN 53455
• Cold resistance in accordance • Dimensional stability with DIN 53361 in accordance with IVK
A guarantee can only be given if you have purchased OASE Eurofol from a certified OASE stockist,
and submit a copy of the purchase receipt!
We also supply Firestone Pondgard Liner

Brand Oase
Code 10210
Weight 1.4kg
Thickness 1mm
Material EPDM rubber
Colour Black
Guarantee 20 years
UV resistant Yes
Fish Safe Yes
Elongation >300%
Tensile strength > 8 MPa
Tightness > 10 KPa
Static load resistance 25 Kg
Impact resistance > 60 N
Foldability < -30º C
Joint splicing > 200 N/50 mm
Joint peeling > 25 N/50 mm