OxyTex 400

Product code: 50443
Oxygenation kit add on with a biological surface area of 1.5 square meters
This Oase OxyTex 400 pond aerator set is ideal for stand-alone connection to an existing air pump. This will dramatically improve air flow and water quality in your pond.
  • Increases overall filter capacity up to 25 %, Ideal supplement for the FiltoMatic CWS and FiltoClear, filter capacities can be increased by up to 25%
  • Unique combination of aeration (oxygen supply), water circulation, settlement surfaces for nutrient decomposition
  • Harmonises with the surroundings, thanks to plant effect design
  • Great for fish, they enjoy swimming through the bubbles
  • Ample space for microorganisms thanks to surface optimised fibre structure
  • Patented technology
  • The OxyTex is standalone product for connecting to previously installed aerator pumps. It includes adapter for 9 mm hoses.
Dimmensions 144mm diameter, 240mm high
Technical Details

Dimensions (Ø x H) 144 x 290mm
Net weight 0.42 kg
Guarantee 2 years
Biological filter surface 1.5 square meters
Max. operating pressure 0.4 bar
Pump capacity, max. 500 litres per hour
Hose (quantity / length / diameter) 1 pc / 5 m / 4.5 mm
Increase in filter capacity Up to 10 %
Other Incl. 9 mm adapter, 1 OxyTex
Item no. 50443

Brand Oase
Code 50443
Weight 0.4kg