Oase Pond Heater thermo 330
Oase Pond Heater thermo 330
Oase Pond Heater thermo 330
Oase Pond Heater thermo 330
Oase Pond Heater thermo 330

Oase Pond Heater thermo 330

Product code: 51231
Ice Preventor Pond heater to keep your fish healthy in frozen water
Frozen Ponds...
As winter finally starts to appear with frosty weather and chilly temperatures, your pond activity will slow right down. Plants are not growing and fish are not feeding. However it is extremely important that your pond does not freeze over, as harmful gases which bacteria and silt produce will get trapped beneath the ponds surface causing harm to your fish.
Ice preventors can stop a small area from freezing, allowing gaseous exchange into the atmosphere. The OASE IceFree Thermo will ensure your pond is safe for the winter, please see below for more information. When the water temperature drops, more oxygen will be stored within your pond and fishes metabolism slow down, therefore you do not necessarily need to keep your pumps and filter systems running. Make sure to read the instructions on your equipment for over wintering advice, as each product varies.

The Oase IceFree Thermo Pond Heater always keeps an area of your pond permanently free from ice even at temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius.

This allows oxygen to get in to your pond and also allows harmful fermentation gases to escape from your pond thus keeping your fish healthier.

The active automatically controlled temperature monitor with frost monitor ensures the heating element allows use even in shallow ponds.

Complete with 10 metres / 33 feet of electrical cable and weighing only 1.25kg.

With the in  built thermostat it will ONLY heat when required, making it cheaper to run than other pond heaters which permanently heat.

Product Specification:
330 Watts.
50 Hz / 220-240V.
2 Year Guarantee.
Works down to -20 Degrees Celsius
Dimensions : 296mm x 329mm x 146mm.
Brand Oase
Code 51231
Weight 1.5kg