Oase IceFree 4 Seasons
Oase IceFree 4 Seasons
Oase IceFree 4 Seasons
Oase IceFree 4 Seasons
Oase IceFree 4 Seasons

Oase IceFree 4 Seasons

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Ice preventer in Winter, floating fountain rest of year
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Oase IceFree 4 Seasons is the ideal combination of ice preventor and floating fountain in one energy efficient kit.
Ideal solution for keeping water ice free during icy weather. Outside of icy weather the two nozzles can create a fountain and also add beneficial oxygen to your pond. Filter housing and filter bag protect the pump from debris and leaves.
prevent pond ice and fountain pump

If the pond freezes over the winter, it is important to keep a small hole in the ice cover. This allows harmful fermentation gases out and beneficial oxygen in for fish and microorganisms.

Rather than making a hole in the ice everyday and by hand you can use the IceFree 4 Season to do the work automatically and continuously.

prevent dangerous gas build up in  pond

  • Up to minus 20 ° C, an ice-free area is created around the float.
  • Provides oxygen access to the water and allows harmful gases to escape
  • Extremely energy-efficient pump technology without additional heating element (requires a depth of at least 80cm)
  • Ideal for use as a floating fountain

ice free equipment
  1. pump with filter housing
  2. float
  3. filter bag
  4. Lava nozzle
  5. Volcano nozzle
  6. hose connectors x 2
  7. stop plug
  8. nozzle pipe
  9. hose x 2
  10. operating instructions
Length 200 mm
Width 150 mm
Height 840mm
Cable lenght 10 meters
Voltage 230 volts, 50 Hz
power 5 watts
Guarantee 2 years
Brand Oase
Product Code 49992
Weight 1kg