Oase Grand Vulkan 30 Nozzle

Product code: 50376
3" Vulcan jet Nozzle for heights of 3, 5 or 7 meter
The Grand Vulcan 30 is a multi jet nozzle. The single jets are clear and relatively windstable. The single jets of the Grand Vulcan 30 are arranged in a circle. They create a calyx.

Product characteristics at a glance
  • Multi jet nozzle
  • Water level independent
  • Modern stainless steel look
  • Fountain height with 1,1 kW/230 V pump 3 m
    Fountain height with 2,2 kW/400 V pump 5 m
    Fountain height with 4,0 kW/400 V pump 7 m
    Fountain diameter with 1,1 kW/230 V pump 2,5 m
    Fountain diameter with 2,2 kW/400 V pump 3,5 m
    Fountain diameter at 4,0 kW/400 V 4 m
Brand Oase
Code 50376