Oase FiltoClear 30000 Pressure Filter SET

Product code: 50888
For ponds up to 30,000 litres without fish or 15,000 litres with fish. Includes integrated 55 watt UV and matching Aquamax Eco Premium 16000 filter pump
Ideal combination of FiltoClear 30,000 pressure filter with 55 watt integrated UVC and matching Oase Aquamax Eco Premium 16,000 filter/watercourse  pump offering price advantage over separate purchase of individual components.
This pond filtration includes: Top 3 characteristics:
  1. Clear water guaranteed through the optimally matched filter, pump and UVC technology
  2. Convenient cleaning thanks to the patented Easy Clean Technology
  3. Almost invisible integration in the environment.

Technical details
Suitable for ponds upto 30,000 litres with plants and without fish.
Suitable for ponds upto 15,000 litres with plants and fish stock upto 6kg.
Suitable for ponds upto 7,500 litres with plants and koi fish stock upto 9kg

Filter capacity can be increased upto 25% so suitable for ponds upto 37,500 litres without fish or 18,750 litres with fish or 9,375 litres with koi by the addition of an OxyTex Set 2000 aerator system. 

Filter Technical details
  • Integrated UVC Clarifier 55 Watt
  • Suitable for ponds up to max. 30000 litres
  • Suitable for ponds with fish max. 15000 litres
  • Dimensions in mm (Ø diameter x Height) 380mm x 750mm
  • Inlets and outlets  1 ½" to 2" 
  • (1½" hose or 2" hose recommended for maximum flow rate)
Brand Oase
Code 50888
Volume NO FISH 30,000 litres
Volume WITH fish 15,000 litres
Volume WITH KOI fish 7,500 litres