Oase Biotec ScreenMatic 60000 Pond Filtration SET

Product code: 57695
1,640.00 2,256.00
For pond up to 60,000 litres without fish , 30,000 litres with fish. Set includes AquaMax Eco Premium 16000 Pump and Bitron C 55 W UV
Flow through filter systems with UVC, pump and automatic coarse debris extraction
Top 3 product characteristics
• Coarse debris extractor protects the filter sponges and extends the service life of the filter
• First class and powerful individual products, perfectly matched
• Easy installation

Suitable for ponds up to 60,000 litres
• Filter technology simply selected and ready for connection
• Complete set includes: • Combination of mechanical biological cleaning and effective UVC technology
• Fast and easy set up
• Includes  BioKick Filter Starter for initial settlement of micro organisms
  • Suitable for ponds up to 60000 litres without fish
  • Suitable for ponds up to 30000 litres with fish stock up to 1kg per 1000 litres
  • Suitable for ponds up to 15000 litres with fish stock from 1kg to 2Kg per 1000 litres

The all-new 2016 model of the BIOTEC SCREENMATIC has been completely redesigned making it the successful high-performance filter .
Highly effective flow-through filter for ponds up to 60,000 liters
• Significantly less maintenance is required, thanks to coarse debris extraction, upstream from the filter inlet
• Automatically driven self cleaning of the ScreenMatic sieve
• Sludge drain with slide valve for removing debris from the filter system
• Cleaning of filter sponges directly in the filter, without removal
• Optimally matched to OASE AquaMax Eco filter pumps
• Direct connection possibility for Bitron C and Eco UVC clarifiers
• Different filter materials for optimal settlement of filter biology

The clever product improvements relative to the predecessor model:
• Double-sealed motor for an extended service life
• Adjustable cleaning automation controls the belt, depending on the degree of pollution. Including LED function check.
• Water distributor without danger of clogging, permits the ideal jet length of the water
• Sludge basket with greater volume and simplified handling
• Rubberised separating lip for outstanding separation result
• Reinforced strap material for an extended service life
• Lids on models 40,000 and 60,000 now come with storm-safe fastening clips
• Free brush for occasional cleaning of the belt filter
• Manual belt run now possible via button
• New foam distribution and optimised water level in the container ensure longer filter service life and an improved cleaning result

Intelligent function checks. Sensors detect the pollutant level and activate the belt run automatically. An LED display shows required cleaning measures.

Optimised water distributors. Ensures an ideal water check over a broad pump spectrum, entirely without narrow points susceptible to clogging.

Sludge basket. Significantly greater convenience in handling the basket. Innovative contamination barriers prevent leaking out into the filter chamber.

Rubberised separator lip. For an even better separation result in the case of non-uniform pollution burden.

biotec screenmatic technical data

Filter sponges should not be cleaned too often because valuable bacteria can be lost with each cleaning, and they redevelop slowly!
Volume NO FISH 60,000 litres
Volume WITH fish 30,000 litres
Volume WITH KOI fish 15,000 litres
Brand Oase
Product Code 57695