Oase BioSmart Set 36000 Pond Filtration SET

Product code: 56793
For pond up to 36,000 litres without fish , 18,000 litres with fish
Oase BioSmart Set 36000 gravity filtration system for ponds up to 36,000 litres
  • Suitable for ponds up to 36,000 litres without fish, 18,000 litres with fish, 9,000 litres with Koi
  • Combination of mechanical-biological cleaning and effective UVC technology
  • Includes OASE Clear Water Guarantee
  • Oxygen enrichment through special water channelling
  • Cleaning handles for convenient maintenance
  • Including displays for pollutant level and water temperature
  • Sludge drain for easy removal of coarse debris
  • Easy to conceal; the filter can be recessed into the ground to of its height
  • Filters and pumps are optimally matched
  • Includes :filter pump AquaMax Eco Classic 11500, UVC clarifier Vitronic 36 W, 5 m hose and 100 ml BioKick filter starter
Volume NO FISH 36,000 litres
Volume WITH fish 18,000 litres
Volume WITH KOI fish 9,000 litres
Product Code 56793
Brand Oase