Oase Auto Fill Kit

Product code: 72953
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Oase Auto Fill Kit

The Oase Auto Fill Kit is a simple solution for automatically topping up a water feature reservoir or pond. Evaporation or splashing out, will cause the water level within your pond or water feature to lower over time. With the installation of a Auto Fill Kit which is connected to a mains water supply, small amounts of water can be added at a time reducing the need for manual top-ups.

The Oase Auto Fill Kit uses a simple and reliable float valve which can be fitted to the flat surface of a plastic reservoir (through a 22mm diameter hole) and then connected to a mains water feed pipe.

The Oase Auto Fill Kit Includes:

• A float valve with a range of 38 to 45 mm between the lowest and the highest level water points

• A "Snap", lock type hose connector

• A 12mm hosetail suitable for standard garden hose

• A 20mm solvent weld socket suitable for 20mm outside diameter rigid pipe

Oase Auto Fill Kit Technical Limits

• Maximum water pressure : 5 bar (72 PSI)

• Maximum flowrate 340 litres per hour (75 gallons per hour)

  • Ensures a constant water level in ponds, reservoirs and pools
  • Simple and effective
  • Easy to install
  • Complete with 21mm garden hose quick lock coupling
oase level fill kit
Float length from side of tank = 160mm (very small float ideal for inconspicuous fitting)
Float diameter 38mm
Hole size required in tank for fitting = 22mm
Maximum fitting height above water level 45mm 
Minimum fitting height above water level 38mm

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Brand Oase
Product Code 72953
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