Mist Makers

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  • Mist Maker MINI

    Mist Maker MINI

    Ultrasonic water fogger or mist maker, with colour changing lights, single disc version
  • Mist Maker MIDI led

    Mist Maker MIDI led

    Ultransonic MINI water fogger or mist maker with led lights, 3 disc version
  • Float for Mist Maker

    Float for Mist Maker

    Floats are the best method for placing floating mister at correct level in water.
Mist makers are the ideal way to decorate your pond or fountain with swirling white mist, so beautiful and mysterious.

Mist Makers add a touch of mystery to any Water Feature, Garden or Pond. The Mist maker fogger vibrates small ceramic discs and changes the water into mist. A float can be used to ensure the Mister is operating at the correct depth as the water level changes.

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