Mist Maker MIDI led

Product code: DK3-24C
Ultransonic MINI water fogger or mist maker with led lights, 3 disc version
Triple membrane mist maker with automatic colour changing led light comes complete with  transformer.
  •  Add an atmospheric cool mist effect to your water feature
  •  No heat or chemicals used
  •  Humidifies and ionises the air
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Built in Features Include
  • water level sensor
  • lights, automatic colour changing led lights
  • 3 disc unit , each 20mm diameter smart disc
  • High frequency ceramic membrane which vibrates water into dense mist
  • Great for plants
The Mist Maker MIDI produces an evocative dense mist without using heat or chemicals. To operate, simply submerge the under at least 30mm of water and switch on (we also have floats which make placing even easier or more reliable). Immediately a cool fog is produced which floats just above the water and is gently moved by air currents.
The mister body is solid nickel-plated brass and it operates at a safe low voltage from the supplied transformer.
The membrane is subject to wear; its lifespan depends on a number of factors including water hardness, operating time, etc. Replacement ceramic membrane discs are available in a set of three complete with a special removal key.

Cable length  3 m
No of Mist creating discs 3
Input supply 230 volts ac, 50hz
Power rating 68w
Dimensions 68 mm diameter , 55 mm high
Depth from surface of disc to water surface 30-50mm
water consumption >=1200ml/hour

 Instructions for use
1. Place the mister unit into a water container. No matter the size of the container, there should be approximately 40-55mm (1 1/2 inches) of water above the ceramic disc of mist unit. The deeper unit sits in water, the less the mist comes out. You can use our mist maker floats to always have at the correct position in water. If water level is below the water level sensor then it will stop producing the mist automatically.
2.  Plug the transformer unit into the socket. If installed properly, it will begin producing the mist immediately.

General suggestions for best use
1. Do not operate mist maker more than 8 hours per day. Connecting the transformer to a timer will insure your mist unit only comes on when wanted.
2. Do not place the mister where water spillage or condensation will cause damage to furniture, electronics or floors.
3. Use of clean water is recommended. Dirty water will affect normal misting production.
4. Clean with soft cloth in clean water only.

To obtain maximum performance we recommend that these misters are used in conjunction with the appropriate float to maintain the correct position in the water.

Safety instructions
  • Use only the transformer and accessories supplied with the mist maker.
  • Do not touch the ceramic disc of water mist maker while in operation.
  • Disconnect the power supply before moving or maintenance.
  • Do not allow power supply to get wet or gather moisture.
Brand Techsin
Code DK3-24C
Weight 1kg