Male Hosetail For Water Blades

Product code: mhwb1
1" male hose tail for waterblade inlets
1" male hose tail for water blade inlets. This part screws into the female thread of water blades for connecting hose to pump.
  • One male hose tail required for 300 mm, 450 mm, 600 mm, 750 mm and 900mm long water blade.
  • Three male hose tails required for 1200 and 1500mm long water blades.
  • 1200mm and 1500mm water blades also require one 3 way multi adapter
  • one inch smooth bore spiral hose required for all water blades to connect between pump and male hose tail
Tip: Ensure hose tail secured into water blade with ptfe (teflon) plumbers tape for water tight connection and use a stainless steel jubilee clip to secure pipe to male hose tail.
Product Code mhwb1