Lights for water features

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When the colours of trees and plants fade into the background in the evening, its light that will bring it back to life.
Rockworld provide water feature & garden owners with a variety of illumination possibilities to give your garden a special charm and provide relaxing atmosphere.

pond lighting
outdoor lights
Bubbling stone fountains, for example, can be easily transformed and highlighted by LED illumination. Waterfalls and streams become radiant with light.
Easily and quickly installed, Illumination brings water features to life in the evening.
Even if you are indoors moving water and light make a wonderful attraction to view outside.
fountain lights  waterfall lit from below with submersible light
All our LED lights  can be used underwater (submersible light) or above water, making them ideally suitable for water features.
All our lights are low voltage for safety.
Wondering how to control your lights ? we also have control systems which can control your garden lights from your smart phone app or with a remote control available here.