LED Pond Lights Set of 3 Lights

Product code: sw987
Set of three warm white led spotlight for ponds or garden, each light 1.8 watt
This compact set of three submersible 1.8watt led lights are ideal for highlighting any water feature. The 1.8w led warm white light is equivalent to a 20w halogen bulb.
This light set comes complete with :
  • light body  (80mm long, 30mm wide) 3No.
  • weighted base 3No.
  • garden spike 3No.
  • low voltage safety outdoor  transformer (230 volt/50 hz input, 12 volt /500mA , 6VA output), IP64
  • 1.8w led for low energy use and high power light output  3No.
  • 5 meters cable (16 feet cable)  3No.
Also available of set of 1 light version.
submersible lights
pond light size
Brand Stowasis
Code sw987