Large Valentia Slate Beehive Water Feature KIT

Product code: WEDw32
Cherry Slate Beehive Water Features 1100mm high complete with reservoir and pump
Everything you need in one package for this exquisite calming water garden feature.
This complete kit comes complete with top of the range Oase Aquarius Universal 4000 pump, 2 metres of  1" heavy gauge pipe1200mm diameter reservoir  , support element (can hold up to 700kg ) and the beautiful Extra large Valentia Slate Beehive Water Features are truly stunning natural stone water features hand crafted in Ireland with the beautiful cherry slate from Co. Kerry, Ireland.
The beehive shape emphasises the gentle flow of running water whilst still providing a relaxing sound.

These beehive shaped water features can be used in a pond or can be placed upon one of our reservoirs (where there is no open water visible)
Height 1100mm (3 feet 7 inches)
Base width 700mm (2 feet 4 inches)
Top width 300mm (1 foot)


For this 1100mm high water feature we recommend the Oase Aquarius Universal 3000 pump and the 1200mm diameter reservoir. This will ensure you have a nice flow of water as well as catching spray on to the reservoir. The flow rate can be adjusted by a valve on the pump.

Why not add a light to get even more enjoyment out of this relaxing water feature.
Brand Rockworld
Product Code WEDw32