Large Valentia Slate Beehive Water Feature

Product code: qdQ4WQED
Cherry Slate Beehive Water Features 1100mm high
Extra large Valentia Slate Beehive Water Features are truly stunning natural stone water features hand crafted in Ireland with the beautiful cherry slate from Co. Kerry, Ireland.
The beehive shape emphasises the gentle flow of running water whilst still providing a relaxing sound.

These beehive shaped water features can be used either with a reservoir or in a pond .
Worldwide delivery available for any one who wants to bring a touch of Ireland abroad.
Height 1100mm (3 feet 7 inches)
Base width 700mm (2 feet 4 inches)
Top width 300mm (1 foot)

For full kit version which includes pump, reservoir , support and hose click here

We recommend the Oase Aquarius Universal 3000 pump and the 1260mm diameter reservoir for this feature.

Why not add a light to get even more enjoyment out of this relaxing water feature.
Brand Rockworld
Product Code qdQ4WQED