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Pond Liner Installation and floating fountains

floating fountains for golf course

Reconstruction of historic water fall and pond
reconstruction of historic pond and waterfall

Complete reconstruction of pond and waterfall to former glory. Stainless steel safety grid added to which lillies and planting where added.

Classic Fountain Pond
Classic Fountain Pond

This classic fountain pond sits perfectly in the center of walled garden. The fountain spray can be turned off to create a reflection pond.

Pond refurbishment
pond refurbishment
gusher nozzles oxygenate water

Pond refurbishment, sealing, filtration system and gusher nozzles added to this modernist building to improve water quality and add interest to pond.

Pool Refurbishment and Repair
pool repair

Pool repair and refurbishment including water height and spray adjusted to optimise enjoyment of fountains at Hotel entrance

Ring Fountains
ring fountain installation

This ring fountain and gushers is a focal point for surrounding offices, coffee shop and hospital. From our initial design to completion this fountain feature has everything our client requested as well as technical features like fountain height is automatically adjusted as dependent upon wind speed (wind control), electronic water level control, overflow drainage armateur as well as colour adjustable led lighting.

ring fountain install

ring fountain during construction
Mahon point fountain

Citygate ring fountain

Musical Fountains
Musical fountains

This musical fountain has jets of water that move in time with music. The height of each separate water jet changes to the different beats of the music being played. We also programmed colour changing dmx rgb led lights to interact with the dmx programmed pumps. We can create musical and interactive colour changing fountains to your exact needs thanks to our in house expert design knowledge.

Water Jet Arcs
water jet arcs
Refurbishment of water jet arcs

Raised Koi Pond
Raised Koi Pond

Relaxing raised koi pond designed and installed by Rockworld. Raised ponds are an ideal solution where digging into ground is not possible. This pond is partly above ground and partly below in order to achieve optimum depth for koi fish.

koi enjoying oxygenating fountain

Traditional small pond and fountain.small ornamental fountain pond

Natural Wildlife Pond

Concrete pond
natural rock pond

natural boulder pond

Dublin fountain

Dublin Fountain installation

waterwall during testing

Here's another water wall we built during testing

water blade water features
And above is another version of a triple waterwall. Here we designed and installed a curved wall with three large 1500mm wide water blades.
Below you can see the same feature from a different angle as the submersible underwater lights illuminate the flowing water

Natural Donegal rock waterfall

bespoke waterfeature

Here we have a bespoke water feature during on site testing

pebble stream

Here we built a pebble stream beside a natural rock cliff face

Here we built a tiered fountain which also incorporated a ring fountain as well as jumping jets

shallow ponds

Here is an ultra shallow pond we constructed with stepping stones through the pond visible in the distance

Each of the Donegal sandstone rocks in this stream weigh at least 100 kilos each, TIP larger rocks look much more impressive when constructing a natural water cascade. This is a pondless water feature. 

Download installation instructions and tips pondless water features here.


Rockworld Water Features staff completed Year 1 & 2 of the Oase Approved Installer Course

Download installation instructions and tips pondless water features here .