Filter systems

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A pond filtration system is the best method of maintaining clear, healthy water in your water feature.
To keep your pond clear you require a combination of water circulation by means of a pump. A UVC clarifier for eliminating suspended algae as well as biological/mechanical filtration in your pond filter to withdraw pollutants and substances that cause cloudiness from the water.

All filter systems are sized based on the volume of water in your pond and whether or not you have fish. The more water in your water feature the bigger the filter required to prevent green or brown water. Koi pond require larger pond filters than standard fish ponds.

To make selecting your feature as easy as possible all our pond filters have a number with them which reflects the maximum amount it can clean. For example an Oase Filtoclear 3000 can clean 3000 litres of  pond water. If your pond has fish , but not Koi, this cleaning figure is reduced by half, so a Filtoclear 3000 will clean 1500 litres of water if there are fish in the water.

All pond filter systems consist of a pump to circulate the water, a UV (ultra violet) clarifier to destroy water borne algae and pathogens as well as a filter media catchments box.
The pumps pushes the dirty water out of the pond/pool/reservoir, via a UV clarifier to kill of water borne algae and into a filter box to mechanically trap dirt as well as biologically breaking down this debris. This cleansed water then returns to your water feature

Pond Filter systems come in three basic varieties:
in pond filter (convenient underwater installation, just place in pond and turn on)
flow through gravity filters (pump in pond which feeds water to filter box at side of pond)
pressure filters (ideal for ponds with streams or waterfalls, pressure filters are very easy to maintain and do not need to be placed at side of pond as well as being capable of pushing water uphill)

All filtration systems must be chosen and sized based on the volume of water in your pond AND whether or not you have fish. Under sizing a filter of little benefit but you cant oversize, so larger the better.

The UV light eliminates suspended algae, bacteria and pathogens and consequently it is indispensable for clear pond water. UV eliminates suspended algae preventing green water.
Tip! Important micro organisms that biologically clean the water settle on the sponges of the pond filters. These micro-organisms feed on minute particles that we see as debris. A new filter only attains its full performance capacity gradually as the microbiology must first establish itself. To accelerate this process always add BioKick starter bacteria. In addition ensure that there is additional oxygen - for example with an AquaOxy pond aerator.
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