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drainage pumps
The all new OASE ProMax ClearDrain - submersible clean water pumps and the OASE ProMax MudDrain submersible dirty water pumps, with their powerful motors, are available for use in five performace levels. With theses high stenght pumps up to 27,000 litres per hour, water can be reliably pumped out.
dirty water pumps

  drainage dirty water pump For contaminated dirty water removal
OASE ProMax Mud Drain pumps are the ultimate pump for relaibly emptying dirty water out of excavation pits, manholes, deep shafts etc. Ideal for construction and farm work. This range of pumps are designed  for these challenging jobs.
The powerful and robust OASE ProMax MudDrain pumps will pump from 7000 to more than 25000 litres per hour.
This is your answer to quickly get rid of polluted water with contamination particles to a diameter of 40 mm

Ideal for the most demanding jobs.

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