BioKick Starter Bacteria

Starter Bacteria for improving performance of filtration systems
BioKick starter bacteria

This beneficial bacteria kick starts the biology in your filter in the spring or for a new start up filter system. It reduces organic material and excess nutrients that are known to cause poor water quality and unsightly water conditions.
Contains more than 10 million micro organisms per ml*
With biokick starter bacteria the full capacity of the pond filter is achieved within a few weeks .

This dry culture of predominantly heterotrophic bacteria strains is particularly easy to use. These bacterial strains are specialists in decomposing organic matter, such as fish excrement. They considerably accelerate the settlement of the biofilm in the pond filter. BioKick is a pure biological product and free of pathogens.

It is also suitable for additional dosage after extensive filter cleaning or changing the water, in order to quickly return the filter system to maximum capacity. Since detoxification of ammonium / ammonia and nitrite starts immediately, BioKick also offers fast help for acute pond problems.

100ml container is suitable for ponds up to 5000 litres
Brand Oase