AquaOxy 1000 Air Pump

Product code: 37125
1000 litres per hour air pump
AquaOxy is representative of a pond aeration concept that ensures the perfect climate in the garden pond. With up to 1000 litres per hour air displacement, and infinite adjustment, all pond types and sizes can be perfectly supplied with oxygen. The unique part is that it is the only fully outdoor weatherproof air pump that conforms to international safety standards.
  • Simple and convenient in operation.
  • Robust, resistant, and safe low voltage (12 Volt) are the outstanding features of this pond aerator.
  • With 1000 litres of air per hour (Aqua-Oxy 1000), even larger ponds can be supplied with sufficient oxygen with 2 individual air stones.
  • Each air stone has a 5 metres long air hose to allow easy positioning in any pond.
  • Non return valves enable operation below the water surface.
  • Electronic ON/OFF push button
  • Suitable for use outdoors due to the 12 volt technology
  • Each outlet can be individually regulated
  • Low noise
Cable length 5 metres
Guarantee 2 years
Transformer 230 V/50 Hz
Power consumption (watt) 15
Air displacement quantity max. (l/h) 1000
Regulator infinitely variable
Number of outlets 2
Air hose 2 x 5m
Brand Oase
Code 37125