7 watt UV Bulb

Product code: 57111
7 watt Replacement UV bulb
7 watt bulb suitable for Oase Filtral 3000, Filtral 2500 and Biopress 4000

Recommendation  CHANGE YOUR EXISTING UV BULB every year for maximum effectivness.
The UVC bulbs should be changed at regular intervals, ideally in spring before the season starts, to guarantee the full strength capacity of the UVC light waves!
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TUV PL-S lamps are compact UVC (germicidal quality) lamps used in water and air disinfection units.. TUV PL-S lamps offer constant UV output over their complete lifetime (useful lifetime 9000 hours), for
maximum security of disinfection and high system efficacy.
These high uv output bulbs should not be confused with cheaper uv lamps that may only be suitable for drying nail varnish, these are genuine germicidal uv lamps manufactured by Philips or Osram.
Brand Oase
Code 57111
Weight 5kg