600mm Colour LED strip light

Product code: SEL2460
600mm long submersible light for water blades and waterfalls

The Stowasis 600mm Multi-colour LED Light Strip is suitable for underwater use and looks stunning when placed on the top ledge of a water blade - as the water cascades over the ridge, it is illuminated by the strip, making it glow.  

The Stowasis 600mm Multi-Coloured LED Light strips are particularly suitable for water blades and waterfalls, but can also be used with other water features. These high ultra-bright LED light strips are constructed from outdoor grade aluminium and are sealed to IP68 for under water installation.

With the included remote control, you can adjust the colour, brightness and speed of the LED lights to your exact needs or can use an AUTO function to cycle through different programmes.

Cable Length
The full kit includes an outdoor transformer (IP64) which has a 2m mains cable and a 5m low voltage cable which connects to the remote control (RF) receiver which is also weatherproof. Finally a 2m cable connect to the LED strip, this provides total of 9m from your power supply to the 600mm Multi Coloured LED Light strip

600mm Multi Coloured LED Light Strip Features

• Simple to install, fits directly into water blades or can be placed as chosen in any waterfall
• Long life ultra-bright LED's
• Low voltage , 12v dc
• Ability to adjust brightness on the lights via remote control
• energy efficient and eco-friendly
• Complete with a remote control
• Outdoor rated transformer and remote receiver

600mm Multi Coloured LED Light Strip Colours and Patterns

Single Colour Function -choose either Red, Green, Blue, White, Orange, Yellow, Cyan or Purple
colour change LED light
3 Colour Programmes - Red, Green and Blue
• Jump Function - Jumps from Red to Green to Blue (with brightness and speed control)
• Fade Function - Fades from Red to Green to Blue (with brightness and speed control)

7 Colour Programmes - Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Cyan and White
(each with brightness and speed control)
• Flash Function - Flashes 5 times and then changes to the next of the 7 colours
• Jump Function - Jumps between each of the 7 colours
• Fade Function - Fade between each of the 7 colours

AUTO Function - Cycles through the above programmes

Brand Stowasis
Code SEL2460