600 mm Polished Silver Granite Sphere Water Feature KIT

Product code: seraer32
600 mm Polished Silver Granite Sphere Water Feature with pump and reservoir KIT
600mm Polished Silver Granite Sphere Water Feature.Water slowly and calmly bubbles from top and clings to the surface as it gently flows over the surface and re-circulates.
  • 600mm diameter
  • Solid Granite
  • Polished smooth surface 
  • Silver grey colour
  • 1" hole for water
Complete with
diy granite sphere water feature kit  water feature reservoir 670 mm diameter
  • Tip for reservoir selection ! reservoir diameter should be 900 mm reservoir for faster flow water or 670 mm reservoir diameter for standard flow ( we want to catch all of water on reservoir , as we are re-circulating the same water all the time, and need water to make pump work, a smaller reservoir does not suit a water flow that is splashing beyond the circumference od the reservoir as the water level will drop and could damage pump)

    polished granite sphere water feature

  • We have a fantastic selection of  lighting to make this feature even more calming and relaxing at night.  And don't forget it is possible to combine up to 3 spheres on a reservoir, nicest option is each of different size , so say a 20cm, 30cm and 40 cm diameter spheres.
Weight 65kg
Product Code seraer32
Brand Rockworld