3 Colour Changing LED lights with remote control

Product code: sw8766d
Set of three 4.2w Pond or Garden Colour Changing LED lights with remote control
 SET OF THREE Pond or Garden Colour Changing LED light with remote control

Have whatever colour light you want with this fantastic low energy colour changing LED light.

Blue, red, green, white, yellow, orange, purple are just some of the light options you can choose whenever you want with the remote control. The remote control can also be used to turn lights on or off, change colour or light sequence, from up to 10 meters) so you don’t need a switch inside.

Each light is fully submersible with 4.2watt led light per light, equivalent to 50w halogen bulb.

This three light set comes complete with:

  • light body  (100mm long, 80mm wide)
  • remote control (battery included)
  • weighted base
  • garden spike
  • low voltage safety outdoor  transformer (230 volt/50 hz input, 12 volt output), IP64
  • 4.2w led for low energy use and high power light output (3 of)
  • 3m cable per light plus 5 m extension cable

Also available in single light version

Brand Stowasis
Code sw8766d
Weight 3kg