200 mm Silver Granite Sphere Water Feature KIT

Product code: jhli97g
200 mm Silver Granite Sphere Water Feature with pump and reservoir KIT
200 mm diameter Silver Granite Sphere Water Feature. Water slowly and calmly bubbles from top and clings to the surface as it gently re-circulates.
Complete kit includes:
  • 200mm (8 inches) wide diameter natural granite sphere
  • 100% natural Solid Granite
  • Silver grey colour
  • 1" hole for water
  • Pump Oase Aquarius Universal 600 , with flow control valve to adjust flow and complete with 10 metres (33 feet) of power cable
  • Reservoir complete with lid, 670mm diameter, 350 mm deep, round shape , ideal for even small spaces 
diy granite sphere water feature kit
  • Granite ball water feature
  • It is possible to combine up to 3 spheres on a reservoir. Try different sizes to make a special focal point.
Weight 15kg
Product Code jhli97g
Brand Rockworld