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Our large range of reservoirs are designed specifically for water features.
Many of our reservoirs come complete with a cover in galvanised steel, PE or fibreglass (capable of supporting 200kg or more with support column).
These water feature containers can be placed level with the ground or raised.
All the reservoirs with lids are ideal for creating Pondless water features.

We also have a great selection of Pre formed ponds here
Tradux Liner Transition
Bring pipes or cables through pond liner with this fitting
Rectangular  Reservoir 1400mm long
Rectangular Reservoir 1400mm long by 400mm wide by 300mm deep
Rectangular  pond
Rectangular Reservoir , 80 litre, 780mm long x 380mm wide x 450mm deep
Support element for Oase reservoirs
For increasing the weight which can be safely placed on the lid of the Oase reservoirs
Heavy duty reservoir - 670mm diameter
670mm diameter, 350mm deep, 90 litre capacity
540mm Diameter Round Reservoir with galvanised steel grid
540MM DIAMETER reservoir.
Square Pond
Square pool , 180 litre ,750 mm x 750 mm x 450mm deep
Rectangular  Reservoir 1680mm long
Rectangular Reservoir 1680mm long by 400mm wide by 300mm deep
Finia 1375 Reservoir
1375mm square reservoir holding 90 litres with easy access lid
Oase 1260mm Diameter Pool
Top of the range extra large 340 litre ,1260mm diameter circular pond .
Heavy duty reservoir - 900mm diameter
900 diameter, 350mm deep, 150 litre capacity
Finia 1000 Reservoir
1000mm diameter reservoir holding 90 litres with easy access lid
Round reservoir with galvanised steel grid
1140MM DIAMETER reservoir.
Stainless Steel reservoir
Rectangular Reservoir, 900mm long x 600mm wide x 200mm deep
Large Rectangular  Pond  1150mm long
Rectangular pool, 280 litre, 1150mm long by 750mm wide by 450mm deep
Heavy duty reservoir - 1200mm diameter
1200 diameter, 350mm deep, 285 litre capacity
Oase Large Preformed Pond
Large pond ,750 litre capacity, 15 years guarantee
Extra Large Rectangular  pool 1550mm long
Rectangular pool , 600 litre, 1550mm long by 1150mm wide by 450mm deep
Large Preformed Pond
Extra large pond ,1000 litre
Oase 1260mm Diametre Reservoir
Top of the range extra large 340 litre ,1260mm diameter reservoir.
Finia 1800 Reservoir
1800mm diameter reservoir holding 420 litres with easy access lid