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Ponds & Pond Liner

Whether its a pre-formed moulded pond or a pond liner cut to suit, we have all you need to create a relaxing tranquill pond, meandering stream or cascading waterfall.
Full range of pond construction products available including repair patches, sealer, heaters
Pond Underlay
Protects your pond liner from damage.
Pond Liner 1mm thick EPDM Rubber
Top quality 1mm rubber pond liner only €12 per square meter
Anti-Crack Wizard Fibre
Anti-crack additive to prevent hairline cracks in concrete ponds. Prevents future leaks.
G4 Pond Sealer (1kG Clear)
G4 Pond Sealant for concrete ponds. 1 Kg Clear colour
Pond Edge Stakes
Pack of 10 pond edge stakes for use with Pond Edge sytem
750ml Primer for joining liner and patching repairs.
The Ree Pond
The Ree Pre Formed Garden PondLength: 770mm, Width: 700mm, Depth: 280mm
Tradux Liner Transition
Bring pipes or cables through pond liner with this fitting
Pond Liner Joining Tape
6 meter roll of seam splicing tape for EPDM and PVC liner
The Erne Pond
The Erne Pre Formed Garden PondLength: 1,140mm, Width: 690mm, Depth: 350mm
Rectangular  pond
Rectangular Reservoir , 80 litre, 780mm long x 380mm wide x 450mm deep
Oase Pond Heater thermo 330
Ice Preventor Pond heater to keep your fish healthy in frozen water..last one in stock
The Derg Pond
The Derg Pre Formed Garden PondLength: 1,400mm, Width: 1,040mm, Depth: 360mm
G4 Pond Sealer (5kG Clear)
G4 Pond Sealant for concrete ponds. 5 Kg Clear colour
Bonding Adhesive 5 litres
Liner glue for joining and repair
The Corrib Pond
The Corrib Pre Formed Garden PondLength: 1,400mm, Width: 1,120mm, Depth: 460mm
Square Pond
Square pool , 180 litre ,750 mm x 750 mm x 450mm deep
G4 Pond Sealer (5kG Black)
G4 Pond Sealant for concrete ponds. 5 Kg Black colour
Pond Edge
Oase pond edge system to give your pond a clean professional finish 25 meter roll
Oase 1260mm Diameter Pool
Top of the range extra large 340 litre ,1260mm diameter circular pond .
Large Rectangular  Pond  1150mm long
Rectangular pool, 280 litre, 1150mm long by 750mm wide by 450mm deep
Oase Large Preformed Pond
Large pond ,750 litre capacity, 15 years guarantee
Extra Large Rectangular  pool 1550mm long
Rectangular pool , 600 litre, 1550mm long by 1150mm wide by 450mm deep
Large Preformed Pond
Extra large pond ,1000 litre