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Pond Vacuums

Pond vacuums are ideal for cleaning your pond, pool or water feature.
Make your pond maintenance faster, easier and much more convenient.

pond vacuum cleaner

Simply vacuum silt and contamination away

Oxygen is not just in demand above the water surface. It also fulfils important tasks in the water. Fish require oxygen to breath and microorganisms require oxygen to clean the water. This is why it is especially important to ensure adequate oxygen supply to your pond. Dead plants and fish waste settle on the floor as pond silt and bind oxygen. Moreover, foul odours or even pathogens can form. To keep your pond in top condition throughout the year we recommend suctioning out the floor silt before it can burden the water. The PondoVac series pond vacuums are optimally suited in this regard, and your pond will thank you with healthy, clear water

Cleanopond Pond Vacuum
The Cleanopond is our bestselling pond vacuum. It offers the best value in Ireland. We know it is very reliable despite its highly competitive price
PondoVac Classic Pond Vacuum
Wet vacuum for cleaning your pond
Pondovac 4 Pond Vacuum
Oase pond vacuum cleaner, premium quality
Pondovac 5
The Ultimate pond vacuum from OASE. Latest model