BioSmart Set 7000 Pond Filtration System

Product code: 50450
BioSmart Set 7000 Filtration kit for ponds up to 7000 litres
BioSmart  Set 7000 Filtration System which includes pump and hose

Solid flow through gravity filter set complete with UVC and filter pump
• Suitable for ponds up to 7000 litres without fish, 3,500 with fish
• Combination of mechanical biological cleaning and effective UVC technology
• Includes OASE Clear Water Guarantee
• Oxygen enrichment through special water channelling
• Cleaning handles for convenient maintenance
• Including displays for pollutant level and water temperature
• Sludge drain for easy removal of coarse debris
• Easy to conceal; the filter can be recessed into the ground to ¹/³ of its height
• Filter and pump are optimally matched
Includes: 3 metres of ¾" hose and OASE filter pump 2500 ( 40 W; 2500 l / h Qmax; 2.2 m Hmax)
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biosmart filter product characteristics

Technical Details
Dimensions in mm (L x W x H) 280 x 380 x 410 mm
UVC power consumption 9 watt
Accompanying filter/watercourse pump *FP 2500
*FP pumps are only available in the set!
Power consumption in watt (pump) 40
Max. flow rate ( pump) 2500 litres per hour
Max. head height ( pump) 2.2 m
Max. filter flow rate 2750 litres per hour
Inlet stepped hose adapter in inch ¾'' – 1½''
Outlet in mm DN 50
Number of blue filter foams 2
Number of red filter foams 1
Suitable for ponds with fish stock 3500 litres
Suitable for ponds up to max. 7000 litres
Guarantee 2 years
Part No. 50450
Brand Oase
Code 50450
Weight 10kg