Automatic Water Level Control System

Water level control system, fully automated with anti waving feature
Keep you water level at the correct height with this automatic water level control system

Automatic water replenishment system
Top 3 product characteristics

Trouble free level detection thanks to a conductive sensor 12 V AC

• Full setup flexibility through 20 meter sensor cable

• Solenoid valve closes automatically if there is a power outage

• Complete set consisting of control system, solenoid valve and conductive level detector
• Sensor can be shortened to 10 mm switching differential
• Sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted
• LED status display for the solenoid valve
• Integrated switching control to prevent undesired filling due to waves on water 
• The control system can be conveniently mounted on a wall
• Including sensor fastening element for projecting pond edges
• Servo-controlled 230 V brass solenoid valve
water feature level control system

Brand Oase